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Cosmetic surgery clinic in Ukraine  Go on a cosmetic holiday and make your dreams come true without delay. World-class plastic surgery in Kiev guarantees the result you have been dreaming of, and – at a reasonable price! Medcity is your destination for a cosmetic surgery abroad, performed according to the highest European standards. We work only with the best doctors in the region, employing a state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the quality of our services and clients’ satisfaction. Cosmetic surgery travel packages will become a truly life-changing experience, which is esthetic, healthy and full of discoveries at the same time. 

We are devoted to the top-notch cosmetic surgery holidays, providing the following services: 
No matter what issues you would like to solve, we will guide you on this journey and make sure that the result will please you a lot. Plastic surgery in Ukraine has gained popularity and credibility owing to experienced and talented surgeons who see their profession as a quintessence of medicine, science, and art. That’s how we know that your plastic surgery abroad will be a success.  Why choose medical tourism in Ukraine   Ukraine is well-known for its medical education and talented specialists, working in clinics all over the world. Gifted surgeons are committed to their vocation and constantly strive for perfection, keeping up with a pace of live and technological advances. In Medcity we have a keen sense of the pulse of progress, making good use of the most innovative methods, approaches, and apparatus. We find an individual approach to each client, a sound choice of effective programs in the field of surgery, therapy, and cosmetology. 

In addition to masterful doctors, other advantages of cosmetic surgery holidays in Ukraine include: 
Medcity clinic is the center of a fine laser surgery abroad. We have developed effective methods of laser treatment, which are successfully used in general and plastic surgery, proctology, gynecology, urology, phlebology, dermatology, and cosmetology. Application of laser method allows quick and flawless treatment of various conditions. Italian laser equipment Deka, used in the clinic for medical and cosmetological operations, provides a high aesthetic and therapeutic effect.

In Medcity each patient receives attention to the extent they need. Sincere care and attention create conditions for a positive attitude, which is an extremely important factor affecting the success of the treatment process. 

We are always ready to eliminate facial and bodily cosmetic flaws. We work with doctors of narrow specialization with years of experience behind and hundreds or even thousands of positive comments from their patients. Here you will find: 
Our goal is high efficiency and safety of medical care. The laser center seeks to expand the limits of access to high-level medicine and therefore conducts a flexible pricing policy. Cheap cosmetic surgery abroad becomes possible with Medcity. Our pricing is well-thought-out and carefully planned. Accuracy and integrity in calculations let us offer one of the best prices on the market, and we never compromise the quality! 

Follow the information on the site to get the opportunity to take advantage of discounts or promotions when contacting a European level clinic.
Medcity website: your first step toward fulfilling medical holidays abroad  Feel free to contact us any moment and ask questions about your upcoming trip and treatment. We are always ready to answer questions you might have, give advice and support in different situations. Call the numbers +38 (044) 338-55-00 or +38 (067) 447-39-62, find us on Viber +38 (093) 789-29-19, and act – any day of the week! 

You can also discover the details regarding different beauty procedures while leafing through our website. We publish useful articles to help you learn the ropes and understand the ways your treatment will work. You can leave your request and we will get back to you asap to start planning the changes and medical travel abroad you’ve been waiting for!

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